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A success on both a spiritual and commercial level, Elevation Worship continued their brand of praise & worship with a four-song EP called Nothing Is Wasted in 2012, and now have expanded on the EP with a full-length album under the same title, which includes the singles "Open Up Our Eyes" and "Nothing Is Wasted," both of which were also included on the 2012 EP.

Track Listing

  1. Great In Us (Live)
  2. Be Lifted High (Live)
  3. In Your Presence (Live)
  4. Let Go (Live)
  5. We're Not Alone (Live)
  6. I Will Trust In You (Live)
  7. Unchanging God (Live)
  8. Nothing Is Wasted (Live)
  9. I Have Decided (Live)
  10. Lift Us Out (Live)
  11. Open Up Our Eyes (Live)
  12. Greater (Live)
  13. Great In Us
  14. Be Lifted High
  15. In Your Presence
  16. Let Go
  17. We're Not Alone
  18. I Will Trust In You
  19. Unchanging God
  20. Nothing Is Wasted
  21. I Have Decided
  22. Lift Us Out
  23. Open Up Our Eyes
  24. Greater
  25. Give Me Faith

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